Worksite Services, Inc. is an independent, full-scale benefit enrollment services company with a combined 70 years of experience in the industry. We work with and for Insurance Brokers to offer their clients unparalleled service with an employee-centered approach and the most cost effective and easy solution to implement employee benefit portfolios for groups of 100-2,500.

Worksite Services, Inc. streamlines and simplifies your benefit administration.

Worksite Services, Inc. provides brokers, clients and employees with a streamlined benefits enrollment experience that is customized for groups 100 to 2,500 for maximum employee engagement.

• Employers: Enable expansion of employee benefits and engagement programs without increasing costs.

• Brokers: Provide excellent communication, onsite educational and enrollment services to streamline your annual benefits administration.

Worksite Services, Inc. is proud of their strong 17-year industry reputation of excellence.

Independent: We are not employed by an insurance company, therefore, do not have bias to represent specific products over another. We handle each case with utmost professional integrity.

You Can Count On Us: We place professional and well-trained, experienced case managers onsite, meeting person-to-person with each of the clients' employees before, during and after the enrollment process. We are committed to providing the best benefits implementation service in the industry.

Worksite Services, Inc. provides the ways, means and process to grow your employee benefits programs.

Worksite Services, Inc. provides brokers with services to manage the enrollment processes, so they can focus on growing their business. Employers can grow their employee benefits programs without increasing costs.

• Benefit Administration: We work for the broker, to provide clients/employers with thorough pre-enrollment employee education, execute annual enrollment processing and offer services to assist with post-enrollment, such as bill reconciliation, claims processing and insurance carrier evaluations, too!

• Attention To Detail: We provide excellent communication and data collection to provide you with comprehensive reports for your account activities.

  • Benefits Enrollment Services 100%
  • Employee Benefit Explanation and Education 100%
  • Bill Reconciliation Services 80%
  • Claims Processing Services 75%
  • Dependent Audit Services 75%
  • Insurance Carrier Evaluation Services 60%

Benefit Enrollment Services Designed to Meet and Exceed Your Needs.